Welcome to Sporting Club Hospitality, our very own hospitality division designed to create high-class, unique and bespoke packages for you and your clients in the world of sport. No matter what or where the event is we are here to design unforgettable custom-built experiences to suit the corporate or private sectors or, indeed, individual needs. We will attend to every detail and leave no stone unturned in our desire to provide you with an amazing, tailor-made experience focussing on an end-to-end itinerary of national and international premium sporting events. 
Moreover we can always sprinkle a little of our renowned, Sporting Club magic to add to a memorable day for you. This includes....
: Meet and be entertained by celebrity guests from the world of sport.
: Take you behind the scenes with exclusive access to create once in a lifetime experiences.

   So what are you waiting for? Why not soak up the atmosphere at the next major sporting event with your friends, team or clients and enjoy the best corporate hospitality with The Sporting Club knowing that you are in very safe hands. The Sporting Club. We're here for you.